“Debra Cartwright, the Harlem-based artist, creates whispered watercolor portraits of stunning black women that seem to float with a feminine buoyancy” 


For rights and licensing information, please contact me at debra@debracartwright.com.

You are free to repost my illustrations under a few conditions: you attribute each and every posting to @debracartwright; you do not use the work for commercial purposes; and you do not alter, transform or build upon the work.

Wanna say hi? Okay! Go ahead and email me at the address above. But before you go to the trouble, let me see if I can answer you first with a couple of FAQs:

How long have you been painting?

Forever. Mom put me in watercolor classes at 8 because I kept drawing Disney characters. 

Did you go to school for this?

Yes and no. I went to University of Virginia and majored in painting, then Parsons School of Design for a one year graphic design degree so I could work in magazines.

Is this your job? Like full time?


Will you do a drawing of me/my mom/my nephew?

As much as I would love to say yes to this, I just don’t have much spare time these days. Honestly super sorry.

Can I use your drawing for my blog logo/my book/my school project?

That's so nice of you to ask, and I'm flattered, but in order to have folks still pay to lease my work, I can't give licenses out for free. Hope you understand.

Do you do commissioned work?

I can. Yes, just email me particulars and I will check out my schedule. 

I wrote a book! Will you illustrate it?

There are a whole bunch of questions that go with this question, mainly to do with your publisher. If you contact me I'm willing to send those questions over.

Will you look at this thing that I drew?

I would be happy to! Send it over! 

Where can I get an Iphone 7 or Galaxy case? 

https://www.casetify.com/debrakcartwright/collection :)

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